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100 Layer Lasagna

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I love you, lasagna.  You contain all of my favorite food groups:

  • Fresh pasta
  • Cheese
  • Sauce (red and white)
  • Ground meat (the more complex the mix, the better)

Normally, I would be salivating at any regular lasagna, as I view lasagna the same way as pizza (that any pizza is good… even if you bought it at, say, 7-11.)  Leave it to the master… my favorite Italian chef, Mario Batali, to create the 100 layer lasagna.  Yes, 100. The pasta layers are said to be so thin, they’re translucent.  This thing of beauty is now available at the delicious Del Posto.  You can buy it a la carte for $30 or enjoy it on a tasting menu.  Fortunate for me (and Nick!), we received a gift card to Del Posto from the extremely generous duo, Pete and Karen Gerome, to celebrate our engagement.  That means that this glorious beauty will be mine… all mine…

I love you, 100 layer lasagna.  Let’s make lasagna babies together.

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