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I Love Tommy Bahama’s Scallop Sliders

image credit: FoodPornDaily.com
I was recently in Sarasota, Florida for a sales meeting.  Every year I go to Sarasota, I’m always looking for a great restaurant.  Finding great crab and grouper is a must.  Crab and Fin is one of my favorites.  It’s right on St. Armands Circle, a charming spot for shopping and dining in Sarasota.  After 4 years of going to Sarasota, I never tried Tommy Bahama’s Restaurant.  Why?  Because it’s a “chain.”  I thought “why would I eat at a chain when there are so many other great places to try?”  I was completely wrong about Tommy Bahama’s.  After walking around St. Armands, reading menus posted outside of dozens of restaurants, the Tommy Bahama menu jumped out.  Thanks to Nick, we tried it.  And I pushed aside my snobbery about chains.  Wow, it was worth it.  We loved it!  One item really stood out: the Scallop Sliders with Asian Slaw and Chipotle Aioli.  It’s served with onion straws too.  There are so many dimensions of flavor… so many different textures… the soft roll, the meaty scallop, the crunchy slaw, the spicy sauce, and the salty, greasy onion straws… wow, this is one packed slider.  Cheers, Tommy, you’ve changed my tune on “chains.”

Tommy Bahama Restaurant
St. Armand’s Circle

300 John Ringling Blvd

Sarasota, FL 34236


  1. Jo Williams says

    We have Tommy,s in Palm Desert and love the sliders there as well So good.jo williams

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