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Day Boat Cafe’s Lobster Roll

Always on the hunt for the perfect lobster roll, I found myself with that summertime craving and a good hour away from Pearl Oyster Bar (my usual stop for the bestest bestest lobster rolls evah.)  I decided to Google “lobster roll” and “Westchester, NY” to see what would come up and BAM, an awesome New York Times review of a lobster roll at a place called Day Boat Cafe in Irvington, NY.  Only 15 minutes away, Nick and I jumped in the car.

What a wonderful place.  The space looks like a beach house, accented with striped canvas booths, oars criss-crossing as decoration on the ceiling, and awesomely bright, blue photographs of the ocean on the walls.

There is a gorgeous raw bar, so we started with super spicy bloodies and a dozen oysters.  Half from the east coast and half from the west coast.  The west coasters were the fave. 

And then the main event–lobster roll time!  OMG, big chunks of lobster, not too much mayo, and just a sprinkling of chopped chives on top.  All piled on the most buttery, grilled hot dog bun.  Wow.  And the fries… perfectly crisp and fresh with flakey salt on top.  Amazing.

Amazing.  Happy customers.  Check it out.

Day Boat Cafe

1 Bridge Street


(914) 231-7854


  1. Nick says

    Olive this post, Olive this sandwich, Olive the girl that took me there!!!

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