Month: June 2010

New Recipe page

Everytime I receive the latest issue of New York Magazine, I flip to their in season food page.  It showcases a fruit or vegetable or meat or cheese that is in season or of-the-moment, and a NY chef presents a simple recipe starring that special ingredient.  All of these recipes were long held on their website, but the viewer experience wasn’t nearly as lovely as the print edition.  They just got it right–check out the new Recipe Archive.  And drool over their photography.

Greek orzo salad with sun-dried tomato and feta

When it’s hot outside, and you’re grilling, side dishes need to be kept simple.  Usually a few ears of corn, cole slaw, and a bag of chips are the perfect companions to burgers, hot dogs, and any grilled chicken or meat.  I like to make pasta salads too–“kitchen sink” type of pasta salads.  Any bite-size pasta shape works (corkscrew, bow-tie, penne, whatever) plus the entire contents of my vegetable drawer (broccoli, grape tomatoes, red onion, etc.) and some Newman’s Own light Italian dressing.  Mixed together and chilled–super simple and always a crowd pleaser. I was watching an episode of “Barefoot Contessa” on the Food Network, and watched Ina Garten as she made a tomato feta pasta salad.  Her dressing looked awesome (and it was a far cry from bottled dressing), so I decided to take that cue from her and improvise the rest with my fridge’s current “kitchen sink” of offerings. First, I began by boiling half a box of orzo, rinsing for several minutes under cold water, then spraying with Pam to prevent from …

ABC Kitchen, love x 2

For those who live in NYC, you know ABC Home.  The only way I can describe it is to call it “decor porn.”  It’s a resource for designers everywhere, but it’s open to the public too.  Once I enter those lovely, big, wood doors, I’m sucked in for an hour or more.  In addition to home decor, ABC Home is so large, it hosts several restaurants.  The latest comes from Jean-Georges.  I’ve now read 2 glowing reviews of it–one by Adam Platt in New York Magazine and now Sam Sifton’s piece in the New York Times.  Menu stand-outs for me include: peekytoe crab toasts shaved fluke, olive oil, black pepper, and blood orange baked endive with flying pig farm ham and gruyere ricotta black pepper cavatelli with guanciale, ramps, fava beans, peas and pecorino (pictured below) Consider ABC Kitchen officially on my MUST dining list for the Summer.  If only I could get a reservation… ABC Kitchen New York Times on ABC Kitchen New York Magazine on ABC Kitchen

Fava Bean Crostini with Mint and Pecorino

When fava beans start arriving in farmers markets and gourmet grocery stores, you know that Spring is in full bloom.  They’re bright green and look like giant green beans. When you tear them open, these neat lima-bean-looking beans emerge, with little yellow bits holding them onto their pods. The fava bean is encased in a shell that is easily peeled away after about 3-5 minutes in boiling, salted water, and then plunged into a quick ice bath.  The ice bath shrinks the gorgeous bean inside, making the shell separate away.  A quick slit of your knife is all it takes.  The best way to enjoy fresh fava beans is simply… and in this case taking a cue from Martha, I like to prepare them with some mint from the garden and freshly shaved pecorino cheese.  A little salt, pepper, lemon juice, and olive oil, and this beautiful puree emerges. I serve the fava bean puree on freshly toasted crostini.  The result is so fresh and cheerful. It will make you want to hold onto Spring as …