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MC’s Bacon Pancakes

No, there aren’t pieces of bacon on top of these pancakes.  So where’s the bacon?  INSIDE and ON THE SIDE. Bacon makes good pancakes.  These aren’t low fat… these aren’t the pancakes you find in a diner.  They’re not as wide as your plate, and they don’t come served with eggs and hash browns.  They’re served with bacon and cooked with bacon grease and in my mind, they don’t even require syrup.  They are THE BEST pancakes I have ever had.  They’re simple and delicious in their pork fat-kingdom.  I challenge anyone to eat these and say they aren’t the best pancakes EVAH.  (Note: MC is my mom.  However, to avoid being called a biased blogger, I have taste-tested these pancakes on my devoted taste-tester-extraordinare, who we’ll call GIADA, and Giada is just as crazy about these pancakes as I am.)  Cheers to you MC, and all of your bacon-grease-genius.

So let’s get started.  First, you have to cook the bacon.  Not sausage, not turkey bacon, REAL pork bacon.  Fry it up and save the grease.

Reserve the bacon grease from your skillet or grill and allow to cool slightly at room temperature (not too long though–you want it to stay liquid!)  Let bacon crisp and cool on a paper towel-lined plate.  Keep bacon warm in a 200 degree oven, if desired.

Now get your other ingredients ready.  Good ole Aunt Jemima pancake mix (NOT instant!!!) is your base.  Add eggs, vanilla, baking soda or baking powder (either will help inflate), and bacon grease.

Whisk until smooth and well incorporated.  Make sure you whisk quickly, as you want to make sure that your bacon grease doesn’t “cook” the batter.  Now start adding milk.  MC does this by eye.  If it doesn’t flow easily from your whisk after mixing, add more.  It should be smooth and silky but not watery.

Allow the batter to rest for a bit–you need to let the baking powder or baking soda do its job… once you see some bubbles on the surface of the batter, you’re good to go.  Now add batter or bacon grease to a hot skillet or griddle.  Make sure that your griddle is well fattened-up.

Flip ’em over when more bubbles are seen on the surface and you start to see brown edges forming.  Top each browned side with a pat and butter.  Once both sides are browned with crispy edges (ah, the magic of bacon grease), serve with maple syrup and bacon slices on the side.  Though I imagine, the syrup may not be necessary.

MCs Bacon Pancakes


1 pound bacon

2 cups Aunt Jemima pancake mix (NOT instant)

2 eggs

1 1/2 teas. baking soda or powder

1 tsp. vanilla

1 – 2  cups milk

(reserved 1/3 cup warm bacon grease)


1.  Fry bacon in skillet or griddle, reserve hot bacon grease.  Drain bacon on a paper-towel-lined plate and keep warm in a 200 degree oven.

2.  Mix first four ingredients together with a whisk until completely blended.  Mix in bacon grease and do so quickly so that the hot grease does not start to cook the pancake batter.

3.  Add milk based on how thin you like the pancakes. It’s better to have them thinner, once they rise, they will be very fluffy.  Once everything is VERY well whipped, let it sit to rise at least 10 minutes.

4.  Add spoonfuls of batter to the surface of a hot greased pancake griddle. Once bubbles appear on the surface of the pancake, flip.  Top the cooked side with butter- no substitute.   Once the other side is browned, serve with cooked bacon and syrup.

Yield: 20 3-inch pancakes


  1. petebeerguy says

    Im soooo soooo happy Im reading this at breakfast time!!! Firing up the griddle now!!!!

  2. Nick says

    These are Fantastic! Unlike LeBron Bacon pancakes never quit on you. ENJOY!

  3. John says

    My wife made these for me last night of all things for dinner. She said she had to try the recipe. I’m usually not a pancake fan, but now I’m a changed man/fan. They were delicious, crispy edges, very light, not like regular pancake. Thanks

  4. Sarahcd8 says

    I am a devoted bacon fan and I MUST make these this weekend. Do you think I could make this as a dessert with some maple ice cream? I may have to try this…reminds me of a Michael Symon dessert I had.

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