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Food Illustration: and Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal

When I am writing recipes for this blog, I often jot the ingredients and methods down as I go in my Moleskin Passions Recipe Journal.  I love it.  It’s organized by meal type (desserts, salads, etc.) with a cool template for checking off the critical details of a recipe.  I purchased this journal on Amazon, and there was this cool inspirational video on the detail page:

Moleskin Passions Recipe Journal

After watching this video, I was so charged!  I wanted to be able to illustrate the gorgeous food I work with everyday… photography is lovely but illustrations have so much charm!  Unfortunately I don’t possess any real drawing talent.  But then my friend Marcy directed me to this site:  OMG.  What an adorable and useful way to present recipes.  Inspired by the beautiful vision of figs (which, I mean, are probably the most amazingly beautiful foods on the planet), the pair behind created this illustration and the others below.  A whole blog was born–dedicated to food/recipe illustration.



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