Month: August 2011

Flat Iron Steaks with Mexican Chimichurri

Chimichurri is the nectar of the garlic gods.  Traditionally loaded with parsley and olive oil and garlic, I usually find myself dipping anything I can get my hands on into this Argentinian masterpiece.  Nick and I love it so much, we served it at our wedding.  I’ve had it more on the vinegar-y side (not my fave) and more heavy on the parsley side–but garlic is always there.  You basically have to make everyone in your party eat it if they’re within 2 feet of your breath.  This time around, I wanted to try to create a version that wouldn’t clear a small village out with the garlic stench, while also reducing the fat content.  Parsley can be surprisingly strong and the olive oil adds a sort of mellowness to it.  So I decided to go heavy on cilantro this time with less emphasis on parsley and less need for oil.  And while I kept garlic in there, I left it to one clove.  Once all of my modifications swirled around in the mini-chopper/food processor, …

Broccoli Rabe, Walnut, and Pecorino Bruschetta

  I recently dined at one my fave restaurants in NYC, Dell’ Anima, with my friend Marcy.  There is so much to love about this place.  If you’re lucky (or get in early enough in the day,) you can get a seat at the bar overlooking the small kitchen OR at the little nook looking out the window in the front of the restaurant.  There’s always lots to see in the West Village of Manhattan.  There’s a new menu at Dell’ Anima everyday–though many things stay on during a given season on a more consistent basis.  Their daily ‘Bruschette’ selections are always a must.  Marcy and I ordered two to share: the Rapini Pesto and the Cannellini Lemon.  Wow.  Both were packed with flavor.  Served pureed and smooth in little bowls with olive oily grilled bread slices to spread them on, we swooned over the two.  We especially couldn’t get enough of the Rapini.  As we practically licked the bowl, I knew I had to recreate it.  While I’m sure my copy cat version posted …

Rosalie Pryor: Food Illustration

Oh lovely food.  Oh gorgeous food illustration.  Cheers to Rosalie Pryor, an amazingly talented food illustrator.  Based in the UK, Pryor frequently creates commissioned artwork for UK publications and also sells her work individually via PayPal (with awesomely reasonable prices!)  Enjoy these snippets.  See her full range on her site.  You can also read a nice interview with Pryor here.  

Link Love

People often ask me where I find things.  Could be recipes, products, jewelry… you name it.  Simple truth is I read a lot and just seem to stumble on cool links sometimes.  So I’ve decided to start sharing batches of links I find interesting on a somewhat regular basis.  Here’s the latest: enjoy where the click-throughs take you!  Note that most of the links below are captured in the photo montage below… c’mon, you know you want to click on them… go on, click ’em.  You won’t be disappointed. From the top (left to right) and more: The Mrs. on Hangovers Sneak Peak at NYC’s Red Farm Summer Peach recipe McDonalds vs. McDowells New Calendars from the incredible Rifle Paper Co. House (Manor) Lust from Architectural Digest Gorgeous Cantaloupe Carpaccio YSL cuff Flag needlepoint pillow from Liberty of London Tiny Burger Kit from Mochi Mochi (not pictured) FOOD PORN: PORK MOLE BRUSCHETTA WITH APPLE SLAW MORE GENIUS FROM FOOD 52 RAINBOW OF PENGUIN CLASSICS

Roasted Tomato Toasts with Ricotta, Chestnut Honey, and Basil

We all have our go-to’s.  The recipes we make over and over again.  The ones that your friends or family specially request.  The ones that you have made so many times, you don’t need to look at the recipe anymore.  That’s what this dish is all about.  Universally loved, this dish will not fail you.  I promise.  The honey slow-roasted tomatoes burst with sweetness against the creamy ricotta and the crunchy toasts.  The topping of shredded fresh basil and drizzled chestnut honey take the flavor profile to the next level.  What’s even better is that all of these ingredients are freely available all year round–so whether you need to bring a dish to a baby shower in the Spring or a festive platter to your Christmas table in the Winter, these yummy toasts will deliver. Roasted Tomato Toasts with Ricotta, Chestnut Honey, and Basil Recipe courtesy of Food & Wine Ingredients 2 pints cherry or grape tomatoes, halved lengthwise 1 1/2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 2 tablespoons clover honey 2 teaspoons thyme leaves 1 teaspoon …

Holli Zollinger: Animal Fabric

One of my many crafty loves is sewing.  Any craftster knows that whenever you take on a new craft, most of us end up with an immediate stash problem: in this case, bundles and scraps of fabric piled up in closets, drawers, under the bed–just about anywhere you can put it.  Textiles are like crack to me.  Different patterns, colorways, textures, materials.  Oh the opportunities! As soon as I spied Holli Zollinger’s fabric collections on Spoonflower, I knew I was toast.  My addiction kicking in, I immediately had to order a bunch.  Her animals on linen are particularly compelling.  Maybe they’ll become a patchwork picnic blanket?  Maybe pillows for a friend’s little one or a new nursery.  And maybe they will remain in my stash, where I will happily unfold them once in a while, dreaming of their possibilities.   Check Holli Zollinger out at the following links.  All of her fabrics are available for sale here. Spoonflower Etsy Holli

15 Tabletop Finds for $15 or less

From the top (left to right): 1. Half pint creamer, $15 2. Bamboo pig cutting board, $13.14 3. Blue dinner plate, $6.95 4. Fromage d’Affinois, Murray’s Cheese, 1/2 pound, $8.50 5. Cheese cutters, $11.95 6. Red tea towel, $.90 7. Champagne glasses, $14.99 8. Roberta Roller Rabbit jemima napkin, $8 9. Atom bowl, $8 10. Red mesh plate cover, $5.99 11. Rose champagne, $8.96 12. Fishs Eddy red papper straws, $4.95 13. Jonathan Adler lantern salt & pepper shakers, $8 14. Sweet Paul Magazine Summer 2011 issue, free! 15. Ikea blue glass carafe, $12.99