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Holli Zollinger: Animal Fabric


One of my many crafty loves is sewing.  Any craftster knows that whenever you take on a new craft, most of us end up with an immediate stash problem: in this case, bundles and scraps of fabric piled up in closets, drawers, under the bed–just about anywhere you can put it.  Textiles are like crack to me.  Different patterns, colorways, textures, materials.  Oh the opportunities! As soon as I spied Holli Zollinger’s fabric collections on Spoonflower, I knew I was toast.  My addiction kicking in, I immediately had to order a bunch.  Her animals on linen are particularly compelling.  Maybe they’ll become a patchwork picnic blanket?  Maybe pillows for a friend’s little one or a new nursery.  And maybe they will remain in my stash, where I will happily unfold them once in a while, dreaming of their possibilities.



Check Holli Zollinger out at the following links.  All of her fabrics are available for sale here.




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