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White Peaches + Prosciutto

The smell of bursting ripe peaches in late August at the farmer’s market is incredible.  Their juiciness and sweetness almost explode in your nose.  That’s when you know that if you bit into one, like you would an apple, your shirt would already be drenched. That’s why I didn’t hesitate when I saw the whopping $5.00/pound sign at the peach stand last weekend.  That’s why I spent 10 minutes picking out the perfect 4 peaches.  That’s why when I carried them home, I made sure that the paper bag containing them was surrounded by nice pillow-y veggies like butter lettuce to get them safely home.  After such TLC, it seemed only fitting to eat them simply.  Either straight on or sliced with some other wonderfulness.  The idea of white peaches + prosciutto was born from that.  Hardly a recipe, this is the perfect late Summer, Labor Day, easy-peasy, sweet/salty/rich/refreshing, everyone-will-love appetizer to serve.


Whether you prefer easy or more difficult, white peaches need to be consumed now.  Just enjoy them and have a safe and yummy Labor Day.

 White Peaches + Prosciutto

>Thinly slice a white peach and serve with thinly sliced Italian (not domestic!) prosciutto.  Wrap prosciutto around the peach slices or serve separately for your guests to make their own.

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