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Glassybaby Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is enough work.  All of the cleaning, the prep work, the cooking, the carving, the serving, the packing of leftovers, the turkey hangover.  I find that I tend to neglect my table each Thanksgiving with all of that work, so this year, I have vowed to make that extra effort without adding any real additional work.  Enter Glassybaby.  Gorgeous in full-spectrum color, these hand-blown votives would light up any holiday table.  I like how easy they are, while still impressing.  I picture them lined up down a long table, lit up with candles–all in one colorway or perhaps in groups of colors (neutrals or browns or bolds) or maybe even one of each.  They could also be filled with single stems of dahlias. Even on their own, their cheerful presence will certainly bring any holiday good cheer.


Shop online:

NYC boutique:

555 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

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