Month: March 2015

Smoked Salmon Toast

My favorite “sandwich” of the moment is so simple and a play on traditional lox & bagels and gravlax. Smoked salmon toast couldn’t be easier… simply toast your favorite crusty bread (I like Whole Foods’ Farmer Bread), spread with cream cheese, top with capers, thin red onion slices, smoked salmon (I like gravlax style with dill–but you can get any kind you like), and add fresh romaine leaves or tomatoes or radishes (or all three.)  I eat this “open face,” with 2 piled high-toasts ready for my tummy.  Pure bliss.  Simple.  Quick.  Healthy.

Italian Wedding Soup with Kale

  Winter, why oh why won’t you go away and come again some other day?  It’s been a brutal few months, oh so cold and covered in snow.  With another forecast in sight for MORE snow, what’s a girl to do but warm up her tummy.  Nothing ever seems more cozy to me than a hot bowl of soup.  I’ve been rotating between this recipe for Italian Wedding Soup with Kale and a super easy Split Pea with Ham Soup (might post on that later) all Winter.  My version of Italian Wedding Soup sometimes contains escarole and sometimes kale.  When using escarole, I chop up the tough dark green leaf tips to use in the soup and save the heart/lighter green leaves to be served raw in a salad.  To keep this super fast, I purchase pre-made teeny meatballs from our local Italian speciality foods market.  If you can’t find those, you can easily make your own.  Just Google it–or do your favorite mix of ground pork, dark meat turkey, or beef with egg, grated …