Olive to Cook was born in 2010 out of my passion for food, wine, home, and craft.  From a sandwich to an elaborate 10 course meal, I love the challenge of excellent execution.  A close friend of my mother’s said to me on my wedding day, “Love is in the details,” and that’s exactly what I strive for in my cooking and dining.  Maybe it’s sauce that takes a dish over the edge or simply letting a piece of meat rest properly before carving–these details bring a plate to its ultimate destiny–in a beautiful photograph and in my happy belly. Over the past ten years, I’ve also picked up quite an addiction to many hobbies: knitting, crochet, sewing, embroidery, design.  Food and crafts are treasured in this same detailed way.  The feel of a cashmere yarn, the vibrant colors in fabric, the character in a vintage rug.  Details shmetails, I want to treasure them all.  Yes, “Olive” to cook, and I “olive” crafts, “olive” home, and most of all, “olive” my husband, Nick.  He inspires me everyday to push myself, to perfect those little details, and bring the best I can to olivetocook.com.  I hope you enjoy your visit.

I have a career in book publishing marketing, while I also do freelance writing and photography.  If you’re interested in my writing or photography for your outlet, please be in touch at olivetocookblog@gmail.com.


“Fancy Nancy”


  1. Hi there,

    I am looking for stinger jalapeños. When doing a google search, your site comes up, but the post is not archived. Can you lead me in the direction to buy some of these puppies?

    Thanks in advance!


    • hi there! Sorry about that–I moved blog platforms recently and some posts didn’t move over. I originally posted on jalapeno stinger pizza at Colony Grill in Stamford CT. You could try contacting them to source their awesome stingers. Good luck!

  2. Hi there,

    I was googling about stinger jalapeños, and your site comes up. But the post isn’t archived. I was wondering if you could lead me in a direction as to where to purchase these puppies?

    Thanks in advance!


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