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Smoked Salmon Toast

My favorite “sandwich” of the moment is so simple and a play on traditional lox & bagels and gravlax. Smoked salmon toast couldn’t be easier… simply toast your favorite crusty bread (I like Whole Foods’ Farmer Bread), spread with cream cheese, top with capers, thin red onion slices, smoked salmon (I like gravlax style with dill–but you can get any kind you like), and add fresh romaine leaves or tomatoes or radishes (or all three.)  I eat this “open face,” with 2 piled high-toasts ready for my tummy.  Pure bliss.  Simple.  Quick.  Healthy.

Grilled Zucchini + Lentil Quesadillas

When in the guts of Summer, when temperature highs are in the 90s (or 100s) and humidity is giving you a new hair-do, the real high points for me are AN OUTDOOR GRILL and OUTDOOR FARMERS MARKETS.  This week browsing the New York City Stuyvesant Farmers Market with my friend Sarah, the real stars were pit fruits (peaches, nectarines, plums,) tomatoes, and zucchini.  Nick and I stocked up on all of the above.  Inspired by the gorgeous yellow and green zucchini, I set out to make a vegetarian main course using this versatile vegetable.  Using what I had on hand (tortillas,) I decided to go for quesadillas.  For added protein and fiber, I added lentils.  The end result was so delicious.  You should see this recipe less as a “recipe” and more as a template.  You could easily substitute grilled eggplant or red/green peppers for the zucchini and your favorite cheese will work as long as it melts well.    An important tip: be SURE to cook your veggies first. If you don’t, they’ll put out …

Torrisi Turkey, Part 2

Surely just a turkey sandwich could be replicable, right?  Try your best to copy the ingredients, get the good stuff, and voila–you’ll be a copy cat in no time.  What I discovered in this exercise, and I should have known better after gobbling them up 3 different times, is that when it comes to Torrisi Italian Specialities, it’s never JUST a turkey sandwich.  Or JUST chicken parm.  Or JUST anything.  It’s simple, yes.  Ingredient lists are likely short in this operation, but I think it’s the details and intangibles that might make this sandwich so good–the TLC in the technique–maybe it’s just that euphoria you get because “someone else made it for you.”  All of that being said, my copy was very good.  If you can’t get to Torrisi to try their turkey sandwich, by all means, make this at home.  But if you can get there, please do.  And do so soon.  It’s espcially good timing as they’ve just opened a new spot next door, appropriately called PARM.  Parm’s menu looks AH-mazing.  You can …