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Upgrade your home for $12.99

Ever notice that beautiful tall green plant that seems to appear everywhere in designer mags? From Houzz to Elle Decor to Lonny Mag, the lovely Fiddle Leaf Fig tree adds instant style to any room.  The best part is that you can add one to your home for only $12.99 care of Ikea.  With a sweet basket, careful pruning, watering, and patience, your fiddle leaf fig can be standing tall in a few years.  Sadly Ikea doesn’t ship this little beauty, so you have to go to an actual Ikea location or visit your local nursery.  You can order one from here.

Link Love: Mike Geno on Cheese and Bacon

The New York Times ran an awesome piece on Mike Geno, a Philadelphia-based painter who’s current favorite subject is cheese (and bacon and other gorgeous meats, as well as Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets)  Many painters have endeavored to paint a still life every day, the painting-a-day phenomenon that has remained popular for several years.  Geno’s painting’s remind me of those… they’re relatively small and inexpensive and many are available for sale on his website:  Main difference here is that rather than painting bowls of flowers or random house objects, Geno’s main subject is cheese.  They’re mouth-watering-ly awesome to smile at.  I couldn’t help myself from craving them. Mike Geno

Link Love: Paris vs. New York

If you haven’t stumbled on Paris versus New York, go there immediately.  Super clever illustrations of icons in Paris and New York range from cinema to food to culture and style.  Artist Vahram Muratyan has just come out with a new book featuring these wonderful illustrations.  You’re guaranteed to smile.

Glassybaby Thanksgiving

  Thanksgiving is enough work.  All of the cleaning, the prep work, the cooking, the carving, the serving, the packing of leftovers, the turkey hangover.  I find that I tend to neglect my table each Thanksgiving with all of that work, so this year, I have vowed to make that extra effort without adding any real additional work.  Enter Glassybaby.  Gorgeous in full-spectrum color, these hand-blown votives would light up any holiday table.  I like how easy they are, while still impressing.  I picture them lined up down a long table, lit up with candles–all in one colorway or perhaps in groups of colors (neutrals or browns or bolds) or maybe even one of each.  They could also be filled with single stems of dahlias. Even on their own, their cheerful presence will certainly bring any holiday good cheer. Glassybaby Shop online: NYC boutique: 555 Hudson Street New York, NY 10014 917-546-6850

Rosalie Pryor: Food Illustration

Oh lovely food.  Oh gorgeous food illustration.  Cheers to Rosalie Pryor, an amazingly talented food illustrator.  Based in the UK, Pryor frequently creates commissioned artwork for UK publications and also sells her work individually via PayPal (with awesomely reasonable prices!)  Enjoy these snippets.  See her full range on her site.  You can also read a nice interview with Pryor here.  

15 Tabletop Finds for $15 or less

From the top (left to right): 1. Half pint creamer, $15 2. Bamboo pig cutting board, $13.14 3. Blue dinner plate, $6.95 4. Fromage d’Affinois, Murray’s Cheese, 1/2 pound, $8.50 5. Cheese cutters, $11.95 6. Red tea towel, $.90 7. Champagne glasses, $14.99 8. Roberta Roller Rabbit jemima napkin, $8 9. Atom bowl, $8 10. Red mesh plate cover, $5.99 11. Rose champagne, $8.96 12. Fishs Eddy red papper straws, $4.95 13. Jonathan Adler lantern salt & pepper shakers, $8 14. Sweet Paul Magazine Summer 2011 issue, free! 15. Ikea blue glass carafe, $12.99

Electric Color Rugs

Gone are the days of traditionally colored rugs.  I’ve always found myself drawn to the beautiful patterns in global rugs, but the colors always tend to be the same: clusters of earth tones or reds with creams and blacks.  Not anymore.  ABC Home recently launched a line of ‘color reform’ rugs that push the limits of color blasting your floors.  They are simply stunning.  I was amazed to find more electric color rugs from some other familiar retailers. In the slideshow: 1.  ABC HOME Color Reform $3099 2.  ABC HOME Color Reform $9599 3.  WEST ELM Dot Grid Printed Cotton Mat $39 4.  RUG COMPANY Tribe by Matthew Williamson 5.  RUG COMPANY Fire by Vivienne Westwood 6.  1st DIBS Late Classic Germantown Navajo Eyedazzler Blanket

Food Illustration: and Moleskine Passions Recipe Journal

When I am writing recipes for this blog, I often jot the ingredients and methods down as I go in my Moleskin Passions Recipe Journal.  I love it.  It’s organized by meal type (desserts, salads, etc.) with a cool template for checking off the critical details of a recipe.  I purchased this journal on Amazon, and there was this cool inspirational video on the detail page: Moleskin Passions Recipe Journal After watching this video, I was so charged!  I wanted to be able to illustrate the gorgeous food I work with everyday… photography is lovely but illustrations have so much charm!  Unfortunately I don’t possess any real drawing talent.  But then my friend Marcy directed me to this site:  OMG.  What an adorable and useful way to present recipes.  Inspired by the beautiful vision of figs (which, I mean, are probably the most amazingly beautiful foods on the planet), the pair behind created this illustration and the others below.  A whole blog was born–dedicated to food/recipe illustration.  

Food in miniature

Continental breakfast: croissants with butter and jam, and a black coffee. Check out the work of artist Stephanie Kilgast, 24, who creates miniature food models that are 1:12th of their original scale. Truly incredible.  Baskets of pears, pictured next to a 5 cent coin for scale. View a gallery of Ms. Kilgast’s work in the Telegraph.