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Electric Color Rugs

Gone are the days of traditionally colored rugs.  I’ve always found myself drawn to the beautiful patterns in global rugs, but the colors always tend to be the same: clusters of earth tones or reds with creams and blacks.  Not anymore.  ABC Home recently launched a line of ‘color reform’ rugs that push the limits of color blasting your floors.  They are simply stunning.  I was amazed to find more electric color rugs from some other familiar retailers. In the slideshow: 1.  ABC HOME Color Reform $3099 2.  ABC HOME Color Reform $9599 3.  WEST ELM Dot Grid Printed Cotton Mat $39 4.  RUG COMPANY Tribe by Matthew Williamson 5.  RUG COMPANY Fire by Vivienne Westwood 6.  1st DIBS Late Classic Germantown Navajo Eyedazzler Blanket