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Link Love: Paris vs. New York

If you haven’t stumbled on Paris versus New York, go there immediately.  Super clever illustrations of icons in Paris and New York range from cinema to food to culture and style.  Artist Vahram Muratyan has just come out with a new book featuring these wonderful illustrations.  You’re guaranteed to smile.

Link Love

People often ask me where I find things.  Could be recipes, products, jewelry… you name it.  Simple truth is I read a lot and just seem to stumble on cool links sometimes.  So I’ve decided to start sharing batches of links I find interesting on a somewhat regular basis.  Here’s the latest: enjoy where the click-throughs take you!  Note that most of the links below are captured in the photo montage below… c’mon, you know you want to click on them… go on, click ’em.  You won’t be disappointed. From the top (left to right) and more: The Mrs. on Hangovers Sneak Peak at NYC’s Red Farm Summer Peach recipe McDonalds vs. McDowells New Calendars from the incredible Rifle Paper Co. House (Manor) Lust from Architectural Digest Gorgeous Cantaloupe Carpaccio YSL cuff Flag needlepoint pillow from Liberty of London Tiny Burger Kit from Mochi Mochi (not pictured) FOOD PORN: PORK MOLE BRUSCHETTA WITH APPLE SLAW MORE GENIUS FROM FOOD 52 RAINBOW OF PENGUIN CLASSICS

Sweet Paul Magazine, Fall 2010 issue is here!

Designer pumpkins? What joy, what bliss… the Sweet Paul Magazine, Fall 2010 issue just hit the web–and I couldn’t be more tickled by it.  The pages make me want to go apple picking, carve pumpkins, throw dried leaves in the air, rejoice in cozy knits, sip on hot bowls of soup, smile at the adorable trick-or-treaters in my neighborhood, and even visit a local goat farm.  I savored every page of this issue, and I hope you do too.  Here are a few of my favorites from it.  I just love the styling and ideas.  Enjoy! 1000 Layer Cake Guide to Apples Goat Cheese Sweet Paul Magazine: Fall 2010 issue is here Sweet Paul Magazine Fall 2010 p. 1 Filled with belly-warming goodies, wide-eyed gorgeous photography, and super fun and cute Halloween ideas, the Fall 2010 issue of Sweet Paul Magazine is a total pleasure to enjoy. Check it out! Read More »

Last Meal on Earth

One of my favorite, most mouth-watering, questions to ask someone is: If it’s your last day on earth, what would be your last meal?  There are no limitations.  You can have 10 things from 10 different restaurants in the world… you can have 20 different tastes of things… you don’t have to concern yourself with fat and calories and cost… you don’t have to worry about having enough room in your stomach… you can have whatever, wherever you want. The highly awesome Serious Eats just asked their readers that same question, this time they phrased it “What’s your ‘Death Row’ meal?”  The comments were hysterical–many of the commenters appear to be my long-lost best friends, as I would love to share my ‘Death Row’ meal at their table. So here you have it, MY last meal on earth, in no particular order.  What’s yours?? Pearl Oyster Bar lobster roll with shoestring fries One dozen raw oysters and jumbo shrimp cocktail with cocktail sauce, loaded with extra horseradish Vietnamese fried spring rolls Doritos, any flavor Pepper …

Soldier Fare: Pork ribs, sauteed kimchi, and cassoulet?

    Whenever my father talks about cooking during the Vietnam War, he always mentions S.O.S. (sh*t-on-a-shingle)  S.O.S. was made by cooking crumbled ground beef and adding it to a cream sauce.  This ground beef cream sauce mixture was then poured over fried potatoes, and then the whole dish was topped with a fried egg.  S.O.S. has dozens of variations (sometimes with chipped beef or tomatoes), but one thing was consistent–S.O.S. stuck to the ribs–it filled you up and kept you going for a long time.  Wartime fare has come a long way–and even has a global foodiness-factor to it.  New York Times writer Ashley Gilbertson put together an awesome piece on soldier grub today–chronicling the rations soldiers are provided with, sorted by country of origin.  Here are a few other samples.  Check out the full article here.  

Olive to Share: 6 Layers of Sexy, Vintage Sugarcube

OMG.  Sometimes food just makes me smile–especially desserts.  Their cuteness, their sugary sweetness, their design, their color!  “6 Layers of Sexy,” a cake designed and baked by blogger Vintage Sugarcube made me giddy all over.  One look at those super adorable photos, and I felt my teeth start to sting with sweetness!  Check out all of the photos here and the recipe here.  For now, more instant eye candy for you.